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Here at Sunshine Acres, we specialize in raising quality Golden Irish F1 hybrid puppies, which are also sometimes referred to as Irish Retrievers.  We have focused on this wonderful cross so that we can offer you one of the best Golden Irish puppies you can find.  Sunshine Acres is family owned and family run.  We are located in northwest Indiana about halfway between Chicago and Indianapolis just off I-65, near Wolcott.

The Sunshine Acres Golden Irish is socialized in a family setting following techniques taught by Jan Fennell, The Dog Listener. Our mission is to provide a healthy, intelligent, sweet-natured puppy that is supreme at making families laugh together and give individuals devotion and companionship.


Now Available: Irish Golden Puppies (also known as Irish Retrievers) for Sale in Indiana (Shipping Available)
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Casey's litter, shown above

Casey and Red's Irish Golden puppies (shown above) have all gone to their new homes.   However, we are looking forward to our next litter of gorgeous red Irish Goldens who will arrive between February and May 2014.  These Irish Golden puppies will be sweet natured, mellow puppies with beautiful red and red/gold coats.  Their expected adult size is 55 to 70 pounds.  They come with a three year health guarantee, vet check, current vaccinations and a lifetime of support from us here at Sunshine Acres.  Going home time is anytime between 9 and 12 weeks of age. The deposit to reserve one of these puppies is $500, with the total cost being $1800 (plus IN sales tax). Shipping cost is $375, if needed. A $200 rebate is available.  Learn about our rebate program here.  If you would like to reserve a puppy, please fill out our online application.  Feel free to email or call with any questions you have about our expected Golden Irish puppies, or the Irish Golden/Irish Retriever breed.

See a Youtube video of our Golden Irish puppies playing in the yard.


Cuz's Litter of Golden Irish Puppies
Golden Irish Litter
Expected adult weight: 60 to 70 pounds
Parents: Cuz and Red
Born: Nov. 2, 2013
Ready to go home: Jan 3
Available:  All of these puppies are already reserved
Price: $1800
Puppy picking time: Dec. 20th and 21st

We are enjoying watching Cuz's puppies grow up.  They are social puppies who are already showing a people focused, sweet natured type of personality.  We are looking forward to puppy picking time on Dec. 20th and 21st when we will match each of these puppies with his/her new family.


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